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Heirloom and Delicious

About Us

Fowler Nurseries has been producing fruit trees in Placer County since 1912.  We are a leader in our industry, which serves production agriculture. In order to stay on top, we travel the world discovering new and exciting Varieties and Rootstocks. Fowler Nurseries is pleased to make available to the homeowner the best of our discoveries as well as the best of the “old tried and true” HEIRLOOM selections. We hope your shopping experience is enjoyable and informative.

Backyard Orchard Trees
Catalog and Planting Guide
Our Location



There is nothing like a fresh peach that you have to bend over to eat because it will drip all over you or the sweet pop of a cherry that is bursting with flavor...these are our favorites we want to share with YOU!

525 Fowler Road

Newcastle, Ca 95658


Backyard trees available

Monday through Friday

9am to 3pm

Fruits in Wheelbarrow

Planting Guide


I bought a tree, what do I do now?  Don't worry, we will help! We can't dig the hole for you but we will give you our tips and secrets! Not just today but also as your tree matures. 


Fowler Ranch Agritourism


Farmers' Market and Pumpkin Patch with more coming soon!  A place where the community can come together to be immersed in and celebrate local agriculture.  


Commercial Growers


For commercial plantings, please visit 

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